We assist numerous SMEs and family-owned companies in the analysis of their existing financing and the evolution of their needs, the structuring and implementation of their new financing, but also in the analysis and reorganization of their intra-group flows or their interest rate or exchange rate hedging problems. In this respect, NH Law has assisted its clients in numerous issues of listed and unlisted EURO PPs, Neu CPs, straight bonds or bonds giving direct or indirect access to capital, as well as in numerous syndicated loans, bilateral loans, project financing, export credits, documentary credits, EURO PP loans, bonding lines and Schuldschein financing.
NH Law has a strong reputation for assisting clients with complex structured finance transactions and assists clients, both borrowers and lenders, including domestic and international mezzanine and private debt funds, in structuring large-scale financings and refinancings in the context of LBO transactions, corporate financings and asset financings, particularly in the form of bonds.
We also assist our clients in the renegotiation of financings made necessary by changes in the borrower’s situation (transforming acquisition, merger, spin-off, but also in the context of the recasting of covenants in the event of a deteriorated financial situation).

Min Jung-Yeon – SommeilIndian ink and acrylic on paper – 53 x 39,8 cm
Courtesy Min Jung-Yeon & Galerie Maria Lund

Min Jung-Yeon – PassageIndian ink and colored pencil on paper – 51,2 x 48 cm
Courtesy Min Jung-Yeon & Galerie Maria Lund

M&A – Private equity

We assist companies of any size or investment funds, in France and abroad,  in structuring and closing acquisitions, disposals of assets or securities, acquisition of majority or minority equity interests (including the negotiation of shareholders agreements), group reorganizations, balance-sheet restructuring and exits.

We are also active in fundraising for startups, advising founders or investors.

We have developed particular expertise in structuring and implementing of incentive mechanisms for management teams (management packages).

& Insolvency

NH Law assists its clients in the context of various amicable or collective procedures when the debtor is facing financial difficulties. We have assisted family-owned companies, SMEs or ETIs in the industrial or retail sectors, but also start-ups, shareholders or creditors, in particular mezzanine debt or private debt funds. We provide our clients, whether debtors, creditors, shareholders or buyers, with assistance in the treatment of stressed or distressed businesses, whether in the context of out-of-court procedures (mandat ad’hoc, conciliation, if appropriate under the authority of the CIRI)


NH Law also assists its clients in corporate and financing disputes before all civil, commercial and criminal jurisdictions and has developed a renowned practice in partners and shareholders disputes.

Min Jung-Yeon – Le Doute d’horizon IIndian ink, colored pencil and acrylic on paper – 20 x 22 cm
Courtesy Min Jung-Yeon & Galerie Maria Lund

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