Privileged business relationships

So as to be in a position to best serve our clients interests, we have privileged to remain independent rather than join an international network. This choice allows us to contact, in each case and in each jurisdiction, the firm best suited to our clients’ needs.

Privileged relationships have been developed with numerous firms overseas, particularly in Europe and in the United States, with which they have worked for many years and which are widely recognized in each of the relevant jurisdictions.

Min Jung-Yeon – Somewhere 3Indian ink, colored pencil and acrylic on paper – 37,5 x 48,5 cm
Courtesy Min Jung-Yeon & Galerie Maria Lund

Min Jung-Yeon – Somewhere 2Indian ink, pencil and colored pencil on paper – 55,5 x 50,5 cm
Courtesy Min Jung-Yeon & Galerie Maria Lund

Tailor-made integrated multinational teams 

We bring together and manage tailor-made multinational teams, choosing correspondents for their relevant expertise and their ability to work as part of an integrated team with very high standards so as best to serve the interests of the particular client, depending on the issues involved or the complexity of each matter.

NH Law also often acts as the French correspondent for major overseas firms.

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